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Cognitive Skills Training Night!

Metronome ticking kept time to the responses called out by a roomful of participants bent over the task in front of them, gamely attempting to reach their objective while ignoring the distractions surrounding them. On Thursday, January 19th at Living Hope Baptist Church, The Learning Center, LLC. hosted its first Cognitive Skills Training event for the public. Attendees experienced the intensity of a cognitive skills training session with a certified LearningRx trainer, who guided them in their attempts to manipulate objects in their mind’s eye, memorize names (including those of all 45 presidents), distinguish sounds, and juggle multiple tasks at once, all while being distracted or completing additional mental activities.

The Learning Center, LLC. uses programs by LearningRx, a national brain training franchise, to target and strengthen key cognitive skills that include processing speed, memory, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, and attention. The seemingly chaotic pace and structure of the training is carefully organized to target each individual’s cognitive skills weaknesses, and with intense, repetitious drilling, to improve them. Event participants learned about the basis of the program, including the metronome's impact on response automaticity and the mental intensity provided by an in-person trainer, which studies have indicated develop new neural connections in the brain.

Because the skills targeted in The Learning Center, LLC.’s processing program (such as remembering, problem solving, multitasking, focusing, and processing information), are all fundamentally necessary to efficient and effective learning and functioning, the program can benefit all minds: from struggling students and professionals to individuals recovering from brain trauma. If you have questions or would like more information on the processing program, contact The Learning Center, LLC. today!

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