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Experience Dyslexia - Professional Development for Educators

During September and October, educators at St. Mary's School in Whitesville participated in 6 hours of professional development designed to strengthen their understanding of dyslexia and how processing differences impact their students On Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 Bonnie Nicks and The Learning Center brought Experience Dyslexia to Owensboro area educators. The 2 hour simulation placed participants in the minds of students with dyslexia. Teachers across all subject areas were able to experience the difficulties of functioning as a dyslexic in the classroom setting. The simulation provided teachers with a better idea of the struggles their students face and how to best integrate strategies to help those students learn in the classroom. The teachers were avid learners and recommended the simulation to other educators in the area.

If you are an educator interested in bringing Experience Dyslexia to your district, please contact The Learning Center.

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