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What is Brain Training?

After many years of extensive research we are finally beginning to understand how the brain works! For example, today we know that:


Our brains are extremely flexible

They have the ability to change and develop at any age. Our brains are constantly looking for new and improved ways to create or reorganize their information highways (neural pathways). These neural pathways are the foundation of our processing system and cognitive skills. Most people connect cognitive skills or cognition with IQ. However, our cognitive skills help decide how effectively and efficiently we’re able to process information not only for academic learning but in every area of our lives.


Regardless of age, our mental abilities, processing skills and even our IQ are never "set in stone". 

Brains always have the capacity to change and improve. Because the brain, even with age, does not lose its ability to adapt and develop, our ability to focus, think, remember and learn is never fixed—it can always advance and improve!


Brain plasticity is the brain's ability change—physically, functionally and chemically.

Research shows that the brain can continue to grow and develop through the use of clinically proven brain training exercises. These exercises provide the brain with repetitive, challenging activities designed to stimulate, reorganize and strengthen the neural pathways for a wide variety of processing skills. Improving these cognitive processing skills can result in more effective learning in the school environment and even more successful work careers.

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