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Specialized Intervention

The Learning Center is a certified Lexercise Therapy Group. We offer structured literacy therapy online using the Lexercise platform. Here is what you need to know:

Guaranteed Results

When using the  Professional Therapy platform, Lexercise guarantees that your child will improve one grade level in reading after eight weeks of Lexercise teletherapy. If your child does not make a grade level of improvement, Lexercise will give you an additional four weeks of teletherapy for free.

Easy to Use

The Lexercise platform is easy to use. It combines weekly sessions with a certified therapist with daily practice games to gain results fast. 


This therapy platform can be completed anywhere with high-speed internet. Additionally, the daily practice is flexible and can be fit in whenever needed.


Next Steps

If you are interested in structured literacy therapy, we encourage you to contact us today. We also recommend you try the free Lexercise screener below to help determine if there is a risk of Dyslexia. Knowing the risk level allows us to determine the best possible plan of action for your child. 

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