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Who Benefits from Brain Training?

Being a successful student and learning requires strong processing skills. The use of a structured, comprehensive brain training program to strengthen and enhance the underlyinugg processing and cognitive skills necessary to be a strong learner. A comprehensive brain training program with a skilled and experienced clinician trains the entire learning system to function properly. Students who could be struggling due to weaknesses in their processing system may demonstrate the following behaviors:


  • Inability to sit still

  • Cannot stay on task for any length of time and is easily distracted

  • Avoids work that seems complicated or hard

  • Has difficulty comprehending and rememberingHas problems sounding out wordsDoes written work very slowlyOften fails to complete a taskHas difficulty copying material

  • Constantly looks up and down

  • Often needs instructions repeated

  • Has trouble reading and spelling

  • Makes reversal. For example: confusing the words “was” and “saw” or the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’Is disorganized and frustrated when studying

  • Makes frequent and careless errors


Brain Training develops


  • Attention

  • Auditory Processing

  • Comprehension

  • Logic and Reasoning

  • Memory

  • Planning

  • Processing Speed

  • Visual Processing

If you or your child can relate to these issues, please consider contacting us. If you are interested in our program, click the link below to read more.

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