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Brain Training Programs

Learning RX, the developer of one of the Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) programs we use describes it this way:


The best way to get a bigger, smarter brain is with brain training exercises. Just as an athlete trains his body to perform with more agility, anyone can train their brain to function more efficiently. These exercises are designed to focus on and improve weak areas of the brain’s learning capacity.


Let’s go back again to the athlete: if a runner has a weakness, say, a bad ankle, he will not become a better runner by simply “pushing through” the pain. He needs to focus. He needs to take a break, and focus on the weak area until it is strong, and once the weakened area is strong, his overall performance will be much better.

This is the way it works with the brain also. If the brain has a weakness in the area of visual processing, for example, a person’s ability to read will be impaired. A student can “push through” hours of and hours of slow reading in order to complete homework assignments, but the better option is brain training. Exercises are designed to focus on that weak area, improve it with exercise, and once reading is easier, learning in general will be more efficient and homework will be completed in record time. 

If you are interested in our Brain Training program, please contact us for more information.

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