Specialized Intervention

The Learning Center employs a variety of high quality tutors with backgrounds in speech therapy, education, math, and science. These tutors have been trained in a variety of programs, including Orton-Gillingham systems. This allows our tutors to assess each student based on their knowledge and skill set, and cater to each students' individual needs.


Individualized tutoring for reading using an Orton-Gillingham system allows students to access all of their sensory modalities while learning to read and spell. The programs are individualized, systematic and explicit while allowing for intense practice.


TLC individualizes tutoring for math, using a multi-sensory, mastery-based approach to teaching math that is designed to build conceptual understanding. Students close learning gaps in math through the teaching of foundational concepts, continuous review of critical concepts, and analysis of missing skills. Math tutoring includes an initial assessment to document where the student falls in academic performance and identify any existing conceptual holes in his or her math knowledge base and understanding


If you are interested in our tutoring services, please visit our contact page to make an appointment.