Academic Coaching

Many students struggle in school because they lack effective study skills or because they have weak executive function skills (such as: organization, time management, planning, initiative). As a result, they forget homework assignments, lose assignments or forget to turn them in. They forget about upcoming tests in time to adequately study and prepare. Notes are often incomplete or not taken at all. Homework related issues are a top complaint among parents and are a major source of conflict in the home.


A strong study skill program can help your student learn to:

  • Manage their time so that they can create a balance between homework and study requirements and their other activities

  • Organize their environment (room, locker, bookbag) and school materials so they have ready access to what they need, when they need it.

  • Become good notetakers so that their classnotes are clear and complete but concise. They learn to become active listeners and to determine what is and is not important information.

  • Generate effective study guides that help them both with class/test preparation and self-monitoring of their learning.

  • Take tests successfully and with confidence

  • Improve memory techniques to enhance recall and increase retention of information

  • Active reading strategies to improve reading comprehension and much, much more!

​If you believe your child could benefit from these services, please contact us to get started.